Understanding and implementing health safety is the most important to all of our customers and employees. Greentree SportsPlex and S.K.Y. Development Athletics are both voluntary sports training facilities. You as a customer can make a decision to enter and use our facility and to train with S.K.Y. Development Athletics or not.  You have the option to participate with your Team, Club, and or sports organization at your own risk.

During this time (Covid-19) we ask the following rules and regulations be implemented:

1. Please go directly to your field of use. Please Enter and Exit through appropriate designated doors.

2. Only players and coaches permitted. Spectator area and the mezzanine area will be closed to the public.

3. Practice social distancing as much as possible in a sports environment.

4. Coaches and or renters of the fields and courts are responsible for their group/players and any and all COVID-19 rules and regulations. Greentree SportsPlex is NOT responsible to enforce COVID-19 rules once a team or practice takes the field. It is the coach’s responsibility.

5. Wearing a mask into the facility and to the field is required and will be enforced by management

6. No more than 2 players at a time to use restrooms

7. Please exit the field promptly so the staff has 30 minutes to disinfect and clean for the next group using the fields and courts.

8. Please dispose of all trash in designated areas.

9. Make sure to wash hands thoroughly before returning to the fields or courts.

10. BE SMART and use COMMON SENSE!!  If you are not feeling well please remove yourself from the facility. If you’re not feeling well, we ask you NOT to enter our facility.

By reading the terms and conditions above and taking the fields and courts for use in the facility, you agree and recognize Greentree SportsPlex as well as S.K.Y. Development Athletics cannot be held liable for any COVID-19 illnesses and related symptoms and or airborne pathogens related or not related to COVID-19.

Please note at any time Greentree SportsPlex as well as S.K.Y. Development Athletics may change or alter the above rules.

Thank you,

S.K.Y. Development Athletics

For all concerns relating to COVID-19, please contact:
Dakota Conwell
Owner of S.K.Y. Development Athletics
(412) 376-3227