All of S.K.Y. Development’s offerings can be found at the link below. For more information on how to book specific sessions with us, please visit this page. Please contact your coach directly or email to be matched with a coach, before booking your workout.

When creating your Schedulicity profile please use the name of the athlete being trained. Each athlete that is training will need to have their own Schedulicity account. Please use parent or guardians best email and number.

If you prefer to pay in person please write check to S.K.Y. Development Athletics.

No Cash.

All sessions must be paid for prior to training.

Online Scheduling

SKY Development TRAINING

SKY training takes a targeted approach to teach the fundamentals and mechanics of your position. We have numerous coaches who specialize in different positions and sports, as well as many options available for your athlete to benefit. Please see below for our Skill Development and Sports Performance Options.

Skill Development

Improve fundamentals, mechanics and overall knowledge

True Private (1 on 1 with coach)$80
Single Session (1-3 with coach)$60
Semi Private (2 with coach)$45
Group (3+ with coach)$35

**Athlete is responsible for filling their group to qualify for group or semi private rate**


**All Packages expire 1 month after purchase**

Groups4 pack-$140
8 pack-$280
Semi Private4 pack-$180
8 pack- $280
Single Session4 pack-$220
8 pack $460
True Private4 pack- $320
8 pack- $600
Sports Performance

Strength, speed and jump training

Single Session$40
4 Sessions/Month$140
8 Sessions/Month$280
12 Sessions/Month$400

Elite Training Package

Athlete gets 12 sessions total between Sports Performance training and Skill Development training. The athlete must use at least 4 from either program. Single session rules apply.

Elite Training (4 weeks)12 pack- $400