S.K.Y. Development Athletics is a multi-sport youth training and skill development organization located in the Greentree Sportsplex. We offer private, semi-private, and group training in the following areas:

Skill Development: Sports analysis and position-specific training and drills to improve fundamentals, mechanics, and overall knowledge. Workouts are instructed by a specialized coach in that sport. We currently offer Skill Training in Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Softball, and Soccer. To view one of our sport specific coaches please click here.


Sports Performance: Functional sport specific strength, speed, and jump training to enhance the performance of our athletes.

Speed and Agility: Footwork and reactionary drills, specific to the athlete’s sport.
Jump Training: Plyometric training, medicine ball explosive movements, time under tension-weighted movements, and so much more!
Strength Training: Functional athletic strength development, full body training, injury prevention.

Athletes can train in one or both areas of focus. Allowing them to become a complete player in their sport!

Training Packages & Pricing

Skill Development

Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, Baseball

Private Session – $80

Group Session – $60

4 Sessions / Month – $240

8 Sessions / Month – $400

12 Sessions / Month – $480

Sports Performance Training

All Sports- Strength, Speed, Jump Training

Single Session – $40

4 Sessions/ Month – $140

8 Sessions/ Month $280

12 sessions/ Month – $400

Elite 4 Week Sport Specific Program:

Mix Between Skill Development & Sports Performance Training

Available for Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Lacrosse, and Baseball

10 Sessions/ Month – $400

Must use at least 4 sessions from either program.

Getting Started

Athletes are matched up with experts who have direct experience—either through playing or through coaching. All of our trainers are former professional and collegiate athletes, as well as high school coaches.

To get started, contact info@skydevelopmentpittsburgh.com. You will be matched with a coach who is best suited for your goals. The coach assigned to work with you will contact you directly to schedule your workout. After your coach has contacted you, register your session on our Scheduling page.

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Sportsplex Tour

New to S.K.Y.? Take advantage of a tour of our facility. We will show you how we approach our training and discuss your specific training and performance needs.

Email: info@skydevelopmentpittsburgh.com

Call / Text: 412-376-3227